We are Family–Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary

Last week we learned what a mineral is and the 8 ways they can be identified. This week were are learning how rocks and minerals are related. Minerals are the building rocks for rocks! There are 3 main types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic).

An igneous rocks forms when magma or lava hardens. There are 2 Types: extrusive (forms small crystals because lava cools quickly once it reaches earth’s surface) or intrusive (forms large crystals because magma cools slowly beneath earth’s surface)A sedimentary rock is made from pieces of sediments, rock fragments, animal or plant remains.There are 3 types of sedimentary rocks: clastic (rocks stick together), chemical (formed from solutions), and organic (remains of plants and animals/living things. The last type of rock is a metamorphic rock (morph means to change..think if the POWER Rangers) are rock made from rock that has been put under heat and pressure deep within Earth. There are 2 type foliated (minerals grains have been flattened and aligned) and non-foliated

We will use crayon shaving to take a ride on the rock cycle (thank to scienceclass.net) as we explore how rocks are formed. We will be acting out the Rock Cycle and students will have the opportunity to be creative by  song, rap, poem, or story that goes with the Rock Cycle ! If you are great with video and love music, you may create a music video that incorporates the Rock Cycle. This project would be due by May 29th! Make sure you complete your vocabulary foldables on Rocks and Minerals. These are great review before your Minerals and Rock test this Friday.  If time permits, we may be playing a review game on Thursday

    Check out the Rock Cycle Animation below and Da Rock Cycle to the tune of Webbie’s Independent

3 thoughts on “We are Family–Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary

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  2. I also teach high school Earth Science. I am just starting out blogging with my students. I am super impressed with your blog site. I love the rock cycle rapper. Do you also have a website for learning? I am exploring the use of blogs on my website – http://www.mrborden.info about Earth Science. How well has blogging worked for your students to increase comprehension of the standard or objectives being taught?

    • Hi Mark

      My students really enjoyed blogging. My students range of computer availability varied so this was a bit of a hindrance. I allowed students to reply to questions about labs in class to extend their learning and had moderate success. If we had laptops in class, I would have really liked students to be able to respond with their group after completing labs. I think the blog is a wonderful tool for today’s students. Many students are very comfortable on a computer and navigating websites. The key is to use the blog in class so that kids so that it is a part of their learning!! Hope this helps and sorry it has taken so long to get back to you!! With moving and grad school and a new baby on the way, my life has been pretty hectic! Feel free to email anytime

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